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The topic I want to talk about Hockey. This is aN internacional sport, what to play you need eleven players to play a profesional match, shin pads, a stik and a little ball of plastic.

I think it’s a really FUNNY game or sport, and the rasons are: firstly do you can get fit, secondly TO move much the hands, at once do you play with the age what do you want, have fun, play internationals games, win trophies and do you can do friends with the companions. BecAuse that his sport is my hobby, I do a lot of friends, I learn a lot about the sport and I have fun.

For example this is the history of Martina Quetglas in Hockey : She is the player of Lasalle Hockey Club of «fifth division A»:
She has been playing since she was 5 years old, she started playing because her parents took her to play and however she liked it!
What she likes most about hockey is the team game and the human group that she forms and she considers that the most important thing for a team are values moreover lose too.

I beliEbe, Hockey is the most sport in the world for mE and more with the companions and plaing in the catalan selection with a really good players of others theams that they are not from Sant Andreu.

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