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Adrián González Grimau
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    What can you do to have a healthy live?

    Living a healthy life is important to having a physical and mental well being. This goal can be successful if we do a little habits that can improve our skills to have better feelings.

    First of all, the food that we eat day a day must to be healthy and equilibrate because with that we have all the energy that is used to move all the body. If the food that is eaten is not the correct or equilibrate DIET, our body do not function WORKS correctly and the body feel tyred all day.

    Secondly, physical exercise can also help to have a healthy life, because it is the part of us that can (maintain our body) keep your body fit in an equilibrate form. Doing regular exercise can improve the state of form and reduce the excess of fats in your body.

    To sum up, there are a differents ways to have a healthy life like having a good diet or doing regular physical exercise that can improve the lifestyle and having a better feelings during the day.


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