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    First of all, you have to know that to have a healthy lifestyle you have to follow a daily routine to not lose the motivation at the first day. Every people use to start the healthy lifestyle with a lot of motivation but when they were two or three weeks they end up losing interest.

    There are many reasons to start a healthy lifestyle but the most important is to start eating better, you should to have a better healthy food and eating better. Secondly you have to sing up in the gym with a personal trainer and do exactly the things that the trainer says to you. If you do this two things, you will see the results in the future.

    However the personal trainer is not the person who train, are you you are the person that decide if to go to the gym or not. For example if you go to the gym but you are not eating healthy, the results will be bad.

    To conclude I believe that the most important THING to have a healthy lifestyle is the effort that you put to your routine and really want to get that healthy lifestyle.


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