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<b>Is school important for our delay live?</b>

Today, a very big percent of people think that school is so boring and unproductive. But things about people that did not go to school, they did not know about reading or writing, they only know essential things.

There are many reasons why you have to go to school. First of all, there you can have some entertainment and meet some new people and make new friends. Secondly, there you can learn new things every day about history, science, maths, etc. And finally you learn to wake up every morning at 7 am to do a thing that you did not want to do.

For instance, you go to school but you do not do anything there, you only play with your friends, or another exemple, you do not play with no one or talk with no one and you only study at your home or in school. Those two examples are wrong, you have to be in the middle of these two.

In conclusion, school is a verry important thing for our lives because you can have some entreteniment, in contrast, you can learn new things and make friends.

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