Inglés intensivo 1 mes Nº1: Semana 3, día 2

Sumérgete en la lectura de “The Secrets of Shadows: A Journey into the Unknown” capítulo 3 en inglés. Presta especial atención a la estructura narrativa y al vocabulario utilizado. Luego, redacta un resumen de la historia en inglés y comparte tu opinión sobre ella con tu profesor/a.


  1. Desarrollo de la comprensión lectora: Al leer un cuento corto en inglés, estarás fortaleciendo tu habilidad para comprender textos literarios en el idioma. Podrás apreciar la estructura narrativa, el desarrollo de los personajes y los giros de la trama.
  2. Ampliación del vocabulario literario: La lectura de un cuento corto te permitirá enriquecer tu vocabulario en inglés con palabras y expresiones utilizadas en el contexto literario. Esto te ayudará a comunicarte de manera más expresiva y a apreciar una variedad de estilos de escritura.
  3. Mejora de la expresión escrita: Al redactar el resumen de la historia y compartir tu opinión, estarás ejercitando tu habilidad para expresar tus ideas de manera clara y coherente por escrito en inglés. Esto es esencial para mejorar tus habilidades de comunicación escrita.
  4. Estímulo a la creatividad: Al leer un cuento corto, podrás sumergirte en un mundo de imaginación y creatividad. Al redactar tu opinión sobre la historia, podrás expresar tus propias interpretaciones y reflexiones, lo que fomentará tu creatividad y pensamiento crítico.
  5. Intercambio de perspectivas: Al compartir tus impresiones con tu profesor/a, tendrás la oportunidad de escuchar diferentes puntos de vista sobre la historia. Esto enriquecerá tu comprensión de la narrativa y te permitirá considerar otros aspectos del cuento que quizás no habías notado.

Vamos a escuchar el “Chapter 3” de esta historia, también puedes leerlo un poco más abajo:

Ahora puedes leerlo para poder hacer mejor tu resumen y dar tu opinión:

The Secrets of Shadows: A Journey into the Unknown

Chapter 3: The Hidden Clues

Sarah sat at the desk in Mr. Johnson’s study, completely engrossed in the ancient journal. The pages were filled with intricate drawings, cryptic symbols, and faded writings from a time long past. With each turn of the page, she felt a sense of wonder and anticipation.

Mr. Johnson stood beside her, his experienced eyes scanning the journal’s contents. “This journal holds the key to uncovering the whereabouts of the ancient artifact,” he explained. “But the clues are hidden within these cryptic writings. We must decipher them to proceed.”

Together, they studied the drawings and symbols, trying to make sense of the enigmatic messages left behind by the vanished archaeologist. Sarah’s mind worked tirelessly, connecting the dots and piecing together the puzzle.

After hours of careful analysis, Sarah’s eyes widened as she stumbled upon a clue that seemed to hold significance. She pointed to a series of interlocking symbols and exclaimed, “I think these symbols represent a hidden location!”

Mr. Johnson leaned in closer, examining the symbols with a keen eye. “You may be onto something, Sarah,” he said, impressed by her observation. “Let’s cross-reference these symbols with our database and see if we can uncover their meaning.”

They spent the next few hours deciphering the symbols, searching through ancient texts, and consulting their vast collection of knowledge. Finally, they found a match—a forgotten temple hidden deep within a dense forest.

Excitement coursed through Sarah’s veins as she realized they were one step closer to unraveling the mystery. “We need to go to the temple,” she said, her voice filled with determination.

Mr. Johnson nodded, sharing in her enthusiasm. “Yes, but we must exercise caution. The temple may be guarded, and its secrets protected. We must prepare ourselves for whatever awaits us.”

Over the next few days, Sarah and Mr. Johnson meticulously planned their expedition to the hidden temple. They gathered supplies, studied maps, and researched the temple’s history. Sarah’s anticipation grew with each passing day, fueled by the thrill of the unknown.

Finally, the day arrived. Sarah and Mr. Johnson stood at the edge of the dense forest, their backpacks filled with provisions and their hearts filled with anticipation. The sunlight filtered through the towering trees, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor.

With each step they took, the forest grew thicker and more mysterious. They followed a winding path, occasionally encountering obstacles that tested their resolve. Sarah’s determination remained unshaken as she pressed forward, guided by the allure of the hidden temple.

As they ventured deeper into the forest, Sarah’s senses heightened. She could almost feel the presence of the ancient artifact, its energy pulsating in the air. The journey was treacherous, but her thirst for discovery propelled her forward.

After what seemed like an eternity, they emerged into a small clearing. Before them stood the majestic temple, its weathered stone walls adorned with intricate carvings. Sarah couldn’t help but marvel at the sight—the culmination of their efforts.

But little did they know, the temple held more than just answers. It held ancient guardians, forgotten traps, and untold dangers. Sarah and Mr. Johnson exchanged a determined glance, ready to face whatever challenges awaited them within the temple’s hallowed halls.

Ahora toca hacer tu resumen y opinión en inglés:

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